Tallying up the climate pledges: How close are current INDCs to reaching the 2-degree goal?

“So far, 57 countries have submitted their intended climate contributions ahead of the Paris conference – but their combined pledges aren’t enough to keep global warming in check. Experts say more ambition is needed.
Dried-up seabed in Uzbekistan (Photo: picture alliance / blickwinkel/G. Pohl)

“The climate pledges submitted to the UN by individual countries don’t do enough to reduce global greenhouse emissions and hold warming below 2 degrees, according to Climate Action Tracker (CAT), a consortium of climate scientists and policy experts.

“This week, delegates are meeting in Bonn for some of the last days of talks before the much-anticipated UN climate conference in Paris this December. CAT took the opportunity to underscore that countries must pledge more to make the agreement a success.”  Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.dw.com

GR:  Struggling to achieve too little too late.


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