Protected and intact forests lost at an alarming rate around the world

“In Australia and Oceania, as well as North America, the loss in protected forests exceeded 5%. Worryingly, in parts of Africa, Central Asia, and Europe, the relative forest loss was higher inside protected areas than outside. However, in several countries of South America and Southeast Asia, protection was found to substantially prevent forest loss.”

GR:  Despite occasional positive statements about the slowing rate of deforestation, forest loss continues.  Now that have destroyed more than half of Earth’s wild animals, shouldn’t we stop destroying habitat lest we end up with a silent planet?  Why can’t we stop?  What’s the problem?  Answer:  Those 7 billion hungry mouths of ours aren’t interested in anything beyond today.  Solution:  Yep, you guessed it; the unavoidable conclusion is that it’s time to get to work on a fleet of Ark B’s.


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