Grieving over Growth. Gary Gripp: To a Future Generation

BY GARY GRIPP, to a future generation:

“Everything central to our way of life is in the growth mode: the banks, the corporations, all our extractive and service industries, and, not least of all, our population. More people means: more willing buyers of homes, cars, electronic gadgets, and all the trappings of modern life. More jobs, more prosperity, more everything.

“More, more, more. It is in the interest of banks and corporations, as well as businesses large and small, that the market for products continues to grow. More, more, more. Grow, grow, grow.

“On a finite planet with degraded natural systems and diminishing natural resources, this growth imperative, built-in to our systems and into our lives, is an irresistible force coming up against an immovable object. It is us hitting a wall, and doing so at speed. More and more people in my time now see this crash coming.”

GR:  Hey grandkids, we just couldn’t help ourselves.  (We really couldn’t.  To see what it would take for humans to survive on Earth, read Corr Syl the Warrior.)

2 thoughts on “Grieving over Growth. Gary Gripp: To a Future Generation

  1. So very true Gary. What we are leaving for our future generations are pollution, laziness for overuse of gadgets and diseases. We need to wake up and do something to conserve nature. Ashirvadam, an NGO in Bangalore, India is joining hands with NGOs and individuals contributing to this social cause. They provide funds and grants to nature conservation and wildlife protection projects. Visit

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