50 Cruelty-Free Companies

Animal cruelty is the extreme measure of human disrespect for other sentient beings. Environmental pollution, mass extinction, and failed land-use management are consequences of our disrespect.

The Friendly Fig

Thousands and thousands of brands test their products on innocent animals. Yes, this is a reality, and we are all aware. But have you ever really stopped and thought about it? I do… all the time. If you think about it enough, it will make you sick. If you’ve looked at the pictures, you have already experienced this, I’m sure.

The worst part? Animal testing does not help humans! How could we test on a being that is not ours to test on, for no reason at all? There are other ways to test, so it is time to take a stand against animal testing, and cruelty as a whole.

Shopping cruelty-free does not have to be expensive, either. Just like all cosmetics and products, there are inexpensive and high-end brands. The key is doing the thorough research to find a product that is within your budget. There are…

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Developing a Taste for Animal Rights: For Our Health, for Our Planet, for Our Future

There is no greater example of inequality than the question of animal rights and our diet choices. When will we stop eating animals?

Source: eatdrinkbetter.com

GR:  This post’s title suggest that we should care about animals is for our benefit.  But it’s more than that.  Human respect for animal rights is increasing.  Once, the only argument against raising animals for food was that eating plants instead of animals was the most economical and efficient means to feed the growing human population. Developing respect for other species has much broader significance. As Aldo Leopold and others have said, we can only fulfill our role as ethical beings if we learn to respect other species.  I believe that such respect is a sign of sapience.

How A Fur Coat Is Helping Save an Endangered Cat

Effective education goes far in correcting human behavior.

strange behaviors

ocelotMy latest for Takepart.

Everybody has some dreadful bit of family history stashed away in the attic and preferably forgotten. For the Rockefeller heirs last week, it was their investment in the fossil fuel industry, largely founded by their oil baron ancestor John D. Rockefeller. For me, it was an ocelot jacket inherited from my wife’s grandmother.

And let me tell you, it is hard to write about endangered species when you have a dead one literally hanging over your head. Or more like 15 dead ocelots, to make up the single carcoat-length jacket that has been hidden away in my attic for several decades now. So I decided to get rid of it, more or less the way the Rockefellers decided last week to divest their millions from fossil fuel companies. Only on a somewhat more modest scale.

Ocelots are beautiful little cats, roughly twice the size of…

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Eggs and dairy – telling the truth

9e9fcb85-c897-436a-8806-f23364d5246eThis post will help you understand veganism. It avoids the popular justification for avoiding eggs and dairy, and explains what I believe is the proper justification–one that agrees with Leopold’s Land Ethic (on my home page).

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

I shall start by saying that I’ve been there, I’ve been deceived – I used to follow a vegetarian diet.

I chose my words there with care; vegetarianism is a diet and the significance of this will, I hope, become clear as you read on. Until I found out about veganism, I had a nagging but unexamined notion that my consumption of eggs and dairy had to be done in an ethical manner, so I always chose ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’.  Looking back, it will always mystify me why I was able to recognise the moral significance of my victims to the extent that I realised the need to try to reduce their suffering, but I was somehow incapable of doing the tiny amount of research that it eventually took in this age of Google to realise that:

  • contrary to what many believe, all ‘products’ derived from the bodies of sentient creatures result in…

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Chicken Behavior: An Overview of Recent Science

chickensIn case you missed it, here’s Robert Grillo’s excellent article on chickens.  “What we’ve learned about chicken behavior in the last 15 years will surprise and delight many. It’s time for us to rethink our assumptions about chickens!”

Source: freefromharm.org

GR:  This is an interesting review of chicken sociology and behavior.  For  instance, we’ve learned that chickens have intelligence similar to that of primates.


SeaWorld is spooky

Animals imprisoned for human entertainment is disrespectful, and it is cruel. If we help them live their natural lives, we benefit ecosystems and ourselves.

Ploys to make fur ‘respectable’ for the youth

I believe everyone can learn respect for other species. Children need to learn about the feelings all animals have. We need to tell them that it is wrong to kill animals.

Abused Elephants Forced to Perform in Canada Need Your Help!

Latest Post ButtonFrom Peta.org:  “Please ask Karnak Shriners to require that Tarzan Zerbini Circus stage its performances without elephants!

“Karnak Shriners have chosen exhibitor Tarzan Zerbini to provide and exhibit elephants for their circus, which plans to travel throughout Quebec beginning August 14. Please join PETA in urging the Karnak Shriners to require that Zerbini stage its performances without elephants.

“Tarzan Zerbini Circus has a lengthy history of animal welfare violations. It has been cited more than two dozen times for Animal Welfare Act violations, including for keeping an elephant constantly chained, keeping elephants in an area that contained a solid waste pile that was approximately 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall, allowing waste to flow into a pond that the elephants had direct access to, and feeding elephants an unhealthy diet of nothing but bread, hay, and weeds.”

Go here to sign the petition: www.peta.org

Human Cost of Animal Testing

Extensive research shows that animal testing is inaccurate and unnecessary.  This post documents the high human death rate for medications tested on animals.

Emily Moran Barwick:  “In earlier posts, we’ve looked into the scientific inefficacy of animal testing and how it has failed to produce any useful results for humanity. We’ve also taken a look into why  the drug industry continues using animal testing even though it doesn’t work.

“Today we’ll address yet another absurdity of animal testing: it not only doesn’t help but actually harms and often kills humans. This is the most perverse aspect of the animal testing debate: it’s actually dangerous and fatal for humans, the very species the researchers claim to be doing all of this madness for.

Animal testing“Maybe you don’t give a shit about animals, and don’t really care as long as humanity is benefiting…well, animal testing is still something that you should oppose!  Watch the video to see why.”

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Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Brazil

Target: Renan Calheiros, President of the Senate of Brazil Goal: Strengthen a legislative bill aimed at banning cosmetic testing on animals In June 2014, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies voted in support of a bill aimed at banning cosmetic testing on…

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