The Tsaeb Warriors

Introduction to the Tsaeb Warriors

by Morgan Silverleaf, Librarian of Wycliff District

The Emblem of the Tsaeb Warrior

Emblem of the Tsaeb Warrior

Intelligence raged over the Earth for hundreds of millions of years.  The rise of the mammals sixty-five million years ago, appeared to be intelligence’s final curse.  Dinosaurs were always at war, but the clever mammals invented weapons far more devastating than anything made by dinosaurs.  During the Paleocene of the lower Cenozoic era, mammal excesses threatened to destroy the planet.  Historians refer to the Paleocene as the Age of War.  The warriors appeared during that time, and defended Earth from oblivion.  With wisdom and strength, warriors calmed the chaos of Earth’s competing cultures and helped form the peaceful Tsaeb civilization.

Modern warriors are products of fifty million years of continuous refinement of the arts of combat and war.  They seem just like other Tsaeb, but much is hidden.  In action the Tsaeb warrior is unpredictable, incredibly swift, and able to disable and kill in many ways under almost any imaginable set of conditions.  They can alter their skin to match their surroundings, and all have control over extensive mental maps and awareness envelopes that protect them from surprise attack.

During the long peace of Tsaeb civilization, the warriors declined.  Today only 21 warriors live among Wycliff District’s half million sapient beings.  Individuals still choose to become warriors.  This is in spite of apprenticeship and internship requirements far greater than those of any other specialty.  Why would anyone living today choose to undergo the physical changes and endure the long years of study and practice required by the specialty?  I believe the explanation is simple.  They have no choice.  Though it might seem self-contradictory, warriors are our greatest altruists. 

Weapons and Abilities

Warriors carry two swords crossed on their back.  Most also carry a thin pack, bow, and shield.  Apart from their weapons, warriors are outwardly indistinguishable from other members of their species.  There are internal differences.  Warriors develop extra glands and brain tissue nodes.  Somehow these and other alterations interact with normal cell function to enhance sensory power, reflex speed, strength, and endurance.

Modern warrior weapons are made of a transparent material called drahsalleh.  The swords are cast of a variety of drahsalleh that  incorporates fine particles resembling carborundum.  Aligned, the particles give weapons cutting ability far greater than steel or ceramics.  Bows are made of another variety of drahsalleh that is more flexible but equally tough and durable. 

Warriors Are Still Important

In the modern peaceful Tsaeb civilization, a thin web of warriors persists and preserves the ancient traditions and knowledge of combat and war.  This is good, for like unworthy thoughts, dangerous people and species appear from time to time, and civilization needs its warriors.  Learn more about Tsaeb warriors.