Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News

What is the Nature Conservation News?

VultureMy online Scoop.It newspaper, Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News began operating last September.  It presents news stories called scoops.  My scoops are mostly concerned with animals and their interactions with humans.  I sometimes scoop interesting items about writing, and I scoop the rare items of science fiction news that involve stories and books with a nature conservation theme.  This post is a request for your help with scoop suggestions.  (Visit the news).

Suggest Posts for the Nature Conservation News

All the scoops in Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News link to the original post.  When anyone clicks a news story to read more, they go to the original blog.  Their shares to theirScoopit Logo followers will be from that blog.  If you want a post to appear in the Nature Conservation News, place a comment with a link at the end of this post or on the welcome post on my blog.  The welcome post is the first one you see at  Click the “read more” link and send me an email or enter a comment.  Both will work.

Value of the Nature Conservation News

I began the newspaper simply to see what it was and how it worked.  I liked it.  After a slow start, I began scooping interesting news every day.  During the six months the paper has operated, I’ve made 1,430 scoops, and there have been over 1,500 visitors.   The visitors commented, thanked, re-scooped, and shared on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, or WordPress 7,576 times.  I do not know how far the re-scoops and shares went, but they could easily have reached more than 1,000,000 people.

Before the Internet and Social Media, a mailing to 1,000,000 people was Big.  I am finding that reactions to tweets, Facebook posts, and the others, occur about 1/10th to 1/100th as often as they do to direct mail.  I think it’s simply because the stream of information on social media is so much greater than the stream of mail-order offers that people miss many things of interest.  So, for a response goal of 1%, a targeted print mailing to 1,000,000 people would aim for 10,000 sales, requests, or other reaction.  The goal for social media is between 100 and 1,000 reactions.

Of course, the numbers vary widely with how well the marketeer assembles the target audience, and with the nature of the goal.  For Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News, the target audience is self selecting.  That is, people find the paper themselves and read it because the subject interests them.  So the targeting is perfect and the response rate is much higher.  In this case, the goal is education (in the form of news stories), a much lower hurdle for reactions than a sale, and this improves the reaction even more.  This accounts for the 500%+ reaction rate (yes, 500%!).

The 1,000,000 shares probably go to very well targeted audiences too, but the reaction rate will be lower because the audience is not self selected; it is not searching out the shares, they are just flowing by.  Nevertheless, the reaction rate is probably at the high end of the usual social-media rate.

Help Keep the Nature Conservation News Going

The Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News reaches a large audience.  I hope you will help me keep it going by suggesting posts on the topics below.

News Topics:

  • animal welfare
  • humane treatment of animals
  • conservation activities
  • discussions of animal species,
  • descriptions of habitats
  • Ecology, biodiversity, and related issues such as global warming, invasive species, human attitudes toward animals, ethics, nature.
  • And More!

Link for recommending posts.

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