Save Rhinos from Rampant Poaching

Target: President Barack Obama and U.S. Government Goal: Save the last remaining rhinos from poachers before these amazing animals go extinct *This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single…

From the petition description:  “The Western black rhino species has been declared extinct and the two other rhino species found in Africa are close on its heels towards disappearing from the face of the planet. All this for a lucrative black market where poachers make millions of dollars from people who buy the illegally traded rhino horn, falsely believing it can cure cancer and other ailments.

“Amidst this bleak news, there is a ray of hope. The U.S. government is making moves to list rhinos as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The listing closes a loophole that was being abused by traffickers, and strengthens the anti-poaching efforts being undertaken by African governments and conservation partners such as the African Wildlife Foundation.”


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