Birds of Coldwater Farm | Photo Gallery

Photographs of the Birds of Coldwater Farm

Here are pictures of the 137 birds observed at Coldwater Farm through 2017. Click photographs to see photographer credits in image titles. For information on the birds’ conservation status, refer to Birds of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona available from Amazon, Gifts and Games in Humboldt, Arizonaand online.


Wildlife Conservation Society’s favourite pictures of 2016

GR:  Just in case you missed these.  Rated almost gloomless. (Click any image to go to the big beautiful originals.)

Source: Wildlife Conservation Society’s favourite pictures of 2016 |

Use a Camera

Wildlife presents a similar challenge for hunters and photographers, but because of range limitations, photography compares best with archery. Why not teach gun safety and use the gun on cans, bottles, and targets, but use the camera on wild animals.

Exposing the Big Game

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From floods to forest fires: a warming planet – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Photos of Human Impact:  Droughts, floods, forest fires and melting poles – climate change is impacting Earth like never before. From the Australia to Greenland, Ashley Cooper’s work spans 13 years and over 30 countries. This selection, taken from his new book, shows a changing landscape, scarred by pollution and natural disasters – but there is hope too, with the steady rise of renewable energyAshley CooperFriday 3 June 2016 06.05 EDT

Source: From floods to forest fires: a warming planet – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian


Other Flowers at Coldwater Farm

Garry Rogers Coldwater Farm Flowers

Click here for other photo sets.

Repeat Photography

Repeat Photography for Nature Conservation


Comparisons of repeated photographs show changes of interest for nature conservation.  Photographs show changes in vegetation (Turner et al 2003), glaciers (Tarr and Martin 1914), sand dunes (Haynes 1980), details of plant growth (Crimmins and Crimmins 2008), and small changes in land surface features (Trimble and Lund 1982).  Photographs are easy to repeat, making them one of the most economical means to observe change.


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GarryRogers Photography–Irises

GarryRogers Irises

untitled--29Daffodils have sweeter fragrance, but irises are more beautiful.  Like daffodils, Irises are not a favorite food of our subterranean vegetarians.

Petals open, nectar’s free.

Click here for a few favorite iris photos  [Oops, photos being added, come back later.]

GarryRogers Photography

GarryRogers Photography

31-IMG_1510Click here for the first release of my photo galleries:  Daffodils.