An Epic Move for Rhinos

RhinoGirl:  “After much speculation as to whether or not it would happen, the South African government has made it official. They have approved moving 500 rhino out of Kruger National Park. Of the rhino to be moved, 250 will be sold to private buyers and another 250 taken to a safe location.

“Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs, confirmed the possibility the rhino will be sent to Botswana and Zambia, where there will be “intense protection zones”.

According to Molewa, “this move, along with creating rhino strongholds could allow a total rhino population size of South Africa continue to grow.”

“Botswana not only has better political and economic stability and a smaller population than South Africa, but they recently banned commercial trophy hunting and in 2013 adopted the controversial shoot-to-kill policy in place for poachers.”

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Be sure to read Rhino Girl’s closing remarks.  The possibility of corrupt intentions seems very high.

Thank Animal Conservationists for Saving Rhinos

Petition Target: National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Derek and Beverly Joubert.  Goal: Thank Derek and Beverly for their efforts to save rhinos.

‘Animal conservationists Derek and Beverly Joubert helped to save big cats in 2009 with the Big Cats Initiative, and now have started a new project called Rhinos Without Borders. In January 2015, they will move more than a hundred rhinos from South Africa to Botswana an in an attempt to diversify and save the dying species.

“South Africa holds more than 80 percent of the world’s population of rhinos, with only 26,000 of these animals left in the area. Most of these rhinos make their home in the Kruger National Park, but poaching has taken a toll on these majestic animals. In 2013, 1,004 rhinos were lost to poachers who kill these animals for their horns. So far, 618 rhinos have been killed in 2014, most of which have been lost in this national park. And it’s believed that more rhinos have been lost, as their carcasses have been found due to vultures eating the corpse before researchers and park rangers can get there.

“The Jouberts are moving the rhinos to Botswana for two reasons. Botswana wants the rhinos, and they have the lowest poaching rate. However, the project will prove to be a difficult one. Rhinos weigh up to three tons, and moving at least a hundred of these animals is a daunting task. While the park is accustomed to moving rhinos from different areas of the park, only fifty rhinos in the past ten years have been moved across the border. There is a two to five percent chance that rhinos could also die from this move, but it is a risk the conservationists are wiling to take if it means the rhinos are able to survive for years to come.”


YOU can save these rhinos – Africa Geographic Blog

Rhinos Without Borders is on a mission to move rhinos to safe havens in Botswana in order to save them from the poaching crisis and they need your help!

“Three down, seven to go. 100 rhinos will be relocated to a new safer life and YOU can help make this happen. Of the first batch of 10 rhinos due for relocation in 2015, 3 have already reserved their places via a unique campaign – please help Dereck and Beverly Joubert help save the remaining 7. This is a unique opportunity for ALL OF US to get involved personally, rather than leave everything to the authorities and NGOs. Your donation (even just $1) will help more than you could imagine. Every donation earns rewards and enters you into a draw for some really grand prizes. This has to be the most innovative campaign ever to save the rhino from poachers. 3 down, 7 to go! (Africa Geographic)”

GR:  One dollar to save 100 rhinos?  Everyone please contribute. We must recognize, however, that following through with continued monitoring and protection is essential.  Wild animal relocations are difficult.  New habitats with new resting places, new food, new water sources, and new dangers coupled with the stress of the move…. Better make it two dollars.

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“This relocation operation will take place with an assertive and elaborate anti-poaching force and strong commitment to save this species. This initiative is about taking rhinos from existing, high density populations which are attracting more and more poaching, and releasing them into the wild within a country that has low densities of rhino and the best anti-poaching record on the continent. It also secures rhino breeding diversity and provides a nucleus of stock in a different location, so that these animals are not all concentrated in one location.”


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Save Rhinos from Rampant Poaching

Target: President Barack Obama and U.S. Government Goal: Save the last remaining rhinos from poachers before these amazing animals go extinct *This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single…

From the petition description:  “The Western black rhino species has been declared extinct and the two other rhino species found in Africa are close on its heels towards disappearing from the face of the planet. All this for a lucrative black market where poachers make millions of dollars from people who buy the illegally traded rhino horn, falsely believing it can cure cancer and other ailments.

“Amidst this bleak news, there is a ray of hope. The U.S. government is making moves to list rhinos as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The listing closes a loophole that was being abused by traffickers, and strengthens the anti-poaching efforts being undertaken by African governments and conservation partners such as the African Wildlife Foundation.”