New Study: What’s Scarier than the Permian Extinction? Burn All the Fossil Fuels to Find Out

GR:  Now, here’s a truly scary story. Happily, it’s question, “what happens if we burn all the fossil fuels,” is an unlikely issue because of the progress alternative fuels are making. There are some interesting points, however, and I especially liked the drawing. Look at the red segment at lower left. It has the elements of our probable future.

“If we burn all the fossil fuels “not only will the resultant climate change be faster than anything Earth has seen for millions of years, the climate that will exist is likely to have no natural counterpart, as far as we can tell, in at least the last 420 million years.” — Gavin Foster, Professor of Isotope Geochemistry at the University of Southampton

“Back in the 1780s as coal-fired smoke stacks sprouted across England to belch their black soot into the hitherto virgin skies of Earth, it’s likely we had not yet an inkling of the vast destruction these dark Satanic Mills were ultimately capable of unleashing:

The potential and likely global impacts of climate change are bad enough during the 21st Century with between 1.5 and 6 C + warming expected. But if we burn all the fossil fuels, new science indicates that about 10-18 C worth of warming is ultimately possible. Looking at these impacts, what sane person would recommend doing such a thing? Image source: Climate Impacts.

“Svante Arrhenius, by the late 19th Century, had hinted that coal burning might warm the Earth by a tiny bit in a few thousand years. But the very fossils we were digging up and burning at an ever-more-rapid pace warned of a different and far more ominous story (see video above). They hinted of a time when massive volumes of ancient carbon stored in the Earth were released into the atmosphere over the course of thousands of years. And that this release created such hot and toxic conditions that, for most living things, the Earth was no longer habitable.” –Robert Scribbler (Continue: robertscribbler | Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice.)

Playing Chicken With Hothouse Extinction — Obama’s Shameful Shell Drilling Approval

It has seemed all along that Obama lacks background in the natural sciences. He often appears to lack the understanding that would let him fully accept the real dangers of global warming. Instead, he believes the topic is important because of the concerns of his advisers and voters. Thus, it is something that he can use politically for bargaining and negotiations.


Earlier this week President Obama made one of the worst decisions of his presidency. He decided to ignore the concerns of thousands of protesters and more than 60 percent of the American public over the issue of climate change. He decided to approve a dangerous plunging of new wells into unstable, clathrate-laden seabeds in the Arctic. Effectively, he’s deciding to play a dangerous game of chicken with a natural world that’s been riled and wounded by climate change. And in this game he puts us all at risk.

It’s a bad move that sends all the wrong signals. It demonstrates an attachment to the old, limited resource dominance based, policies that cause so many problems and that keep us dependent on fossil fuels for far too long.

Shell Drilling approved for Arctic

(Shell is now approved to poke holes into the Arctic seabed in a mad, climate-destroying, quest for oil. The Arctic, overall, is…

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Stanford professors urge withdrawal from fossil fuel investments

“Professors call on university to recognise urgency of climate change and divest from all oil, coal and gas companies.

“The fossil-fuel divestment campaign has grown rapidly over the past few years, driven by the deepening awareness that most of the world’s coal, oil and gas reserves must stay in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change. According to the world’s leading climate scientists, those safety limits could be breached within 30 years if the world goes on burning fossil fuels at the current rate” Source:

GR:  Large multinational corporations are pursuing profits to excess.  To stop the massive flow of harmful materials and behaviors, we must divest our holdings in the largest chemical, energy, finance, insurance, military corporations (CEFIM), and we must stop purchasing their products.

Anti-environment Coal Industry Blocked by Oregon Regulations

The coal industry has been dealt another blow after a state agency in Oregon denied a key permit for a controversial terminal, marking the latest salvo in an escalating fight between coal exporters and fossil-fuel loathing environmentalists on the West Coast.


GR:  They will be back.

Support for fracking has declined to 24 per cent, energy department finds – Telegraph

By , Energy Editor

Less than a quarter of the public now supports shale gas extraction, energy department research suggests, contradicting findings from an industry-backed poll.

Support for fracking in the UK has fallen, with less than a quarter of the public now in favour of extracting shale gas to meet the country’s energy needs, according to official government polling.

The latest Department of Energy and Climate Change public opinion tracker, published on Tuesday, shows that public support and opposition is now evenly matched at 24 per cent, while almost half of respondents said they were neutral on the issue.

The findings stand in contrast to those of a poll published on Monday by the UK Onshore Operators Group, which represents fracking firms, which found that 57 per cent were in favour and just 16 per cent against.


GR:  Cameron’s support for fracking is typical of governments everywhere that are willing to sacrifice the environment for economic benefits.  Cameron is going to find it more and more difficult to support fracking as negative public attitudes increase.