How wolves are beneficial

This article claims that the Utah State government has been paying lobbyists. I haven’t verified the claim. State governments should not use taxpayer funds to pay lobbyists to oppose endangered species listings. Nod if you agree.

Roads Benefit People But Can Have Massive Environmental Costs

“Road-killed tapir in Peninsular Malaysia (photo © WWF-Malaysia/Lau Ching Fong).  Located in the wrong places, roads can open a Pandora’s Box of problems,” says William F. Laurance.

“In a recent Opinion in National Geographic News (14 October 2014), U.S. Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn makes a compelling case that roads can have major benefits for rural people—improving access to modern farming technologies, education, and healthcare, and even limiting the influence of extremist groups that prey on isolated communities.

“However, Ambassador Quinn tells only half of the story. Yes, many roads or road improvements can yield major economic and social benefits. But other roads become environmental disasters—opening a Pandora’s Box of problems such as illegal logging, poaching, wildfires, and land speculation.”


GR:  Roads open areas to invasive species; they raise wildlife-disturbing noise levels, and they block wildlife movements.  In some areas, roads lead to ecosystem disruption by encouraging tourism, recreational travel, and hunting.  According to, keeping wild areas free of roads is a remarkably cost-efficient way of preventing deforestation and protecting biodiversity.  Read more about road impacts.

Predator Killing Contest Environmental Assessment Available for 15-day Comment Period

“The BLM is asking for comments on an Environmental Assessment that examines the impacts of issuing a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) to conduct a predator killing contest on BLM lands. The comment period begins today and remains open for 15 days, until Friday, October 16, 2014.

“If the SRP is issued, the killing contest is scheduled to take place from January 2-4, 2015 and would include prizes for killing a variety of species from wolves, coyotes, weasels, skunks, jackrabbits, raccoons, and starlings. Last year the contestants killed 21 coyotes and at least one badger. The permit would allow the contest to take place on BLM lands in a large portion of eastern Idaho.”


GR:  Please send a comment to the BLM.  Instead of killing predators, we should be tending to the habitats that their prey need.  With more than half of Earth’s vertebrates wiped out by humans since 1970 (report by World Wildlife Fund), it is past time to begin conserving wildlife species, not killing them for fun.

“Hunter-Conservationists:” the Most Ridiculous Spin of the Century

GR:  Photography field trips are a great alternative to hunting trips. Photography clubs everywhere should plan more outings, and they should share their plans with their local wildlife agencies (often called Game … agencies). Obtaining a good photograph takes as much or more skill than killing with rifle or bow.

The following from Exposing the Big Game

The award for Most Ridiculous Spin of the Century goes collectively to Kit Fischer, sportsmen’s outreach coordinator with the National Wildlife Federation (what the hell kind of environmental/wildlife advocacy group hires an outreach coordinator to attract sport hunters?); Dave Chadwick, executive director of the Montana Wildlife Federation; Jim Posewitz, board member of Helena Hunters and Anglers; Casey Hackathorn, president of Hellgate Hunters and Anglers; Chris Marchion, board member of Anaconda Sportsmen and Glenn Hockett, president of Gallatin Wildlife Association. These revisionists recently had the insolent audacity to try to boast that “hunter-conservationists saved bison from extinction a century ago” in their article, Enlist Montana Hunters to Manage Bison Numbers.

Let’s not forget that the vast herds that once blackened the plains for hundreds of miles on end were almost completely killed off by hide-hunters, market meat-hunters or by sport-hunters shooting from trains just for a bit of fun?

The only reason hunters stopped the insanity was that the bison were all but completely wiped out. By the time they ended their killing spree, only 18 wild bison remained, holed up like wrongfully-accused outlaws in the upper reaches of the Yellowstone caldera.

Although Yellowstone National Park is now synonymous with the shaggy bovines, bison would prefer to spend their winters much further downriver, on lands now usurped and fenced-in by cowboys to fatten-up their cattle before shipping them off to slaughter.

If today’s ranchers and hunters had their way, bison, along with wolves and grizzly bears, would be forever restricted to the confines of the park. Rancher-hunters already have such a death-grip on Montana’s wildlife that bison are essentially marooned and forced to stay within park borders, battling snow drifts no matter how harsh the winter, despite an instinctual urge to migrate out of the high country during heavy snow winters.

Instead of making amends for the historic mistreatment of these sociable, benevolent souls, twenty-first-century sport hunters want their chance to lay waste to them again–this time in the name of “tradition.”

Parts of this post were excerpted from my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport

Text and Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Protect Wildlife from Killing Contests

“Believe it or not, the practice of hunting non-game fur-bearing mammals in contests is still alive and well in California. What’s more, cash prizes, known as inducements, are still being offered to participants who senselessly shoot and kill mammals such as coyotes, bears, bobcats and foxes. 

“However, the California Fish and Game Commission, the regulatory body that governs such activities, is now considering action to reduce this senseless killing for sport by making it illegal to offer inducements. This change in regulation will serve to clarify existing law surrounding the “take” i.e. hunting of nongame mammals in hunting contests.

“Tell the California Fish and Game Commission that you support its proposed rulemaking to end inducements for hunting contests for nongame fur-bearing mammals.”


GR:  Haven’t we reached the point at which we decide to begin protecting, not killing wildlife?  Sign the petition and add a note telling the California Fish and Game Commission that they should stop licensing hunting and work harder to protect wildlife.

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE ~ WWF’s International President and USAID: End your Partnership with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby G

The desperate search for funding drives politicians and nonprofits into relationships harmful to the welfare of their constituents.

Great Cats of the "World"

The World Wildlife Fund in Africa, is in bed with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby Groups: DSC, SCI and NRA. They have vested interests because they are controlling funding streams and imposing their Hunting Agendas first, which, means they are directly influencing and manipulating ALL the African Countries; to maintain a Trophy Hunting Stance.
Please sign this very important petition. We need to raise awareness to STOP the corruption in the WWF in Africa. They are blatantly exaggerating wildlife population numbers and data and they are misusing global WWF Charity Donations, whilst, creating opportunities for the Trophy Hunting Industries in Africa to flourish…………………..

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Animals are dying off 1,000 times FASTER now that humans are present


“Brown University scientists in Providence found that the pre-human extinction rate was 10 times lower than scientists had believed, which means that the current level is 10 times worse.


  • Nature is thought to kill off one in every ten million animals each year
  • Past estimates put it at 10 yearly extinctions for 10 million species
  • Since mankind arrived on Earth, more than 1,000 out of every 10 million species have been dying out each year, a recent study discovered
  • Study looked at fossils and genetic variation in a species’ family tree
  • It claims future extinction rates are likely to be 10,000 times higher

By Ellie Zolfagharifard for MailOnline


GR:  The Earth could get along just fine without us.  If anyone can think of an ecosystem function that requires our presence, I would like to hear about it.  Circumstantial and fossil evidence indicates that even when human numbers were small, the fires, animal drives, and plant preferences had harmful effects.  Ecosystem resilience absorbed early human impacts, but now with more than seven billion of us, the impacts are simply overwhelming earth ecosystems. Livestock?  Earth could tolerate a few domestic beasts, but not the billions we have now.

Ban grouse shooting in England

Petition for British residents.

“Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  Intensive management of upland areas for the ‘sport’ of grouse shooting has led to the near-extinction of the protected Hen Harrier in England, as well as increased risk of flooding, discolouration of drinking water, degradation of peatbogs and impacts on other wildlife (Red Grouse Photo:  CORBIS).”


GR:  Hunting is not a human right to be protected until all of the desired species are gone.  Sport hunting should be banned completely.  More and more species’ populations are falling to dangerous levels.  Protection, not preying, is what is needed now.  Hunters need to take up photograph, and if that isn’t violent enough, they can try boxing or football.

Predator Derby Planned for Salmon, Idaho

Predator Derby

Photo: National Geographic

GR:  The BLM is proposing to issue a special 5-year, December 15 to January 15, recreation use permit for a predator derby to take place on public lands.  Up to 500 derby participants would have 3 days to kill gray wolves, coyotes, skunks, weasels, jackrabbits, raccoons, and starlings.  Killers would receive points for the animals they deliver to a judging station.  Please send comments to the BLM.

“The BLM has issued a “scoping letter” asking people to provide comments on the scope of what the BLM should consider in an Environmental Assessment they intend to conduct on the impacts of a proposed “predator derby” on the BLM lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho area during the weekend of January 2-4, 2015.   The 15-day public comment period started on August 4th and will extend to August 18, 2014. The “predator derby” is being hosted by Idaho for Wildlife, the same outfit that held the coyote and wolf killing contest in Salmon last winter. Last year the derby was infiltrated by activists and a journalist, Christopher Ketcham, who wrote: How to Kill a Wolf | VICE United States.

Source:  Ken Cole, Wildlife News

Send comments before August 18, 2014:

Liz Townley
BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner


Salmon Field Office, Predator Derby Comments
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83467

To view the scoping letter and other materials click here.

Source:  Ken Cole, The Wildlife News


Ban Cruel Wildlife Traps

Target: Honorable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources.
Goal: Ban the use of cruel leghold traps in British Columbia.
Leghold traps are cruel devices designed to hold an animal against its will.


GR:  Nothing more dismal than a broken animal lying licking a bloody paw while waiting to die.